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    Hewlett Packard Enterprise 30m LC/LC fibre optic cable OFC

    this product is refurbished
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    Part number: 221692-B26
    • Fibre optic cable
    • LC to LC
    • MMF
    • M/M
    • 30m

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    Hewlett Packard Enterprise 30m LC/LC. Cable length: 30 m, Cable type: OFC, Connector 1: LC, Connector 2: LC, Connector gender: Male/Male

    Fibre optic cable provides high-speed, reliable data interconnect over long distances. Fibre channel, a gigabit interconnect technology, allows concurrent communications between devices and peripherrals using SCSI and IP protocols.

    HP offers duplex multimode fibre optic cables in various lengths and connector styles:

    - Lengths from 2m to 50m
    - SC cables for solutions using 1 gigabit or lower speeds
    - LC cables for solutions using up to 2 gigabit speeds

    NOTE: Refurbished products have a warranty period of 90 days.


    Wavelengths supported 850 nm
    Fiber mode structure Multi-mode
    Cladding diameter 125 µm
    Connector gender Male/Male
    Connector 2 LC
    Connector 1 LC
    Cable type OFC
    Cable length 30 m
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