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    ‘Refurbished’ is a well-known term in the IT and computer world that is used for products that are checked after use, repaired if necessary and then offered for reuse.

    Refurbished products cannot be compared with second-hand products, as refurbished products are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and, if necessary, repaired and repackaged by professionals.

    • HP products and parts are manufactured and purchased by companies worldwide. We and our partners specialise in purchasing and/or refurbishing overproduction, residual stocks, return goods and business-depreciated goods from companies.

      Demonstration products, products from overproduction and return goods may no longer be sold as New Retail. However, these refurbished items are usually 'as good as new' or even new. 

    • In most cases, buying refurbished products is a reliable choice.

      The reliability depends on your refurbished supplier. Your supplier's refurbishment process largely determines product quality.

      You can recognise a reliable refurbished supplier by the following points:

      • A professional and transparent process of refurbishment
      • The warranty period offered on refurbished products
      • How long the supplier has been around
      • Customer reviews
      • Quality marks

    • Advantages:

      • Refurbished products are often much cheaper than new products
      • SpareIT has a professional and transparent refurbishment process
      • SpareIT gives a 90-day guarantee on its refurbished products
      • Many parts are no longer available new but only refurbished
      • The specifications of refurbished products often more than suffice for your use.
      • You make a sustainable contribution to the environment
      • Refurbished products can have light user traces
      • Refurbished products are not covered by the factory warranty


      • Refurbished products can have light user traces
      • Refurbished products are not covered by the factory warranty


      • A - Check
        Upon arrival, all products are thoroughly inspected by our technicians. This concerns a visual inspection and a technical inspection.
      • B - Repair and/or replace
        Any defective parts will be replaced with new parts.
      • C - Test
        The product is extensively tested by our technicians. 
      • D - Delete data (Wiping)
        All data carriers are checked. Information from a possible previous user is deleted in a professional manner. The device is provided with the available software if necessary and possible. 
      • E - Clean
        After the product has been found in order technically and visually, it will receive a professional cleaning.
      • F - Package
        After cleaning, the products are carefully packed. We use neutral professional packaging or the product is delivered in the original product packaging of the refurbished product, with accessories and, where appropriate, a manual.

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