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    Why SpareIT

    SpareIT is a professional IT webshop. You can come to us for all types of hardware, from server and storage components to complete desktops, laptops and servers. In addition, we can offer you services from advice and implementation to environmentally friendly disposal and exchange of old IT environments.

    Started in the 21st century as a wholesaler of refurbished HP products. Now a specialised web shop primarily focused on the business market. We stand out by selling refurbished and end-of-life hardware. It goes without saying that you can also come to us for new products.

    We focus on the HP, Cisco and APC brands.  Our range consists of:

    • server and storage components
    • servers
    • desktops, laptops with accessories

    Thanks to our refurbished products, companies have an alternative to buying new products. By using refurbished products and components, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment in an environmentally-friendly and budget-conscious way. 

    Our refurbished products are, without exception, extensively inspected, cleaned, tested and packaged by our own employees.  You get a minimum 90-day guarantee on all refurbished products. Our sales department is there for you and is happy to help you make your choice.


    SpareIT specializes in the sale of IT hardware that we can offer both new and refurbished. By using a worldwide network of suppliers (including HP, Cisco, IBM) we are able to deliver to you at the best prices within a few days.

    ‘Refurbished’ is a well-known term in the IT and computer world that is used for products that are checked after use, repaired if necessary and then offered for reuse.

    Refurbished products cannot be compared with second-hand products, as refurbished products are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and, if necessary, repaired and repackaged by professionals.

    Why should you buy refurbished products?


    • Refurbished products are often much cheaper than new products
    • SpareIT has a professional and transparent refurbishment process
    • SpareIT gives a 90-day guarantee on its refurbished products
    • Many parts are no longer available new but only refurbished
    • The specifications of refurbished products often more than suffice for your use.
    • You make a sustainable contribution to the environment
    • Refurbished products can have light user traces
    • Refurbished products are not covered by the factory warranty


    • Refurbished products can have light user traces
    • Refurbished products are not covered by the factory warranty
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